Find Your Workout Sweet Spot

Weight Lifting for ExercisePaddleboarding for Exercise
Ever since I had my last baby over 13 years ago (man, I’m old), I’ve been big on exercising. Saying that I have been big on exercising is a drastic understatement. I’m pretty sure I had a problem.  I definitely over exercised.  I was obsessed and there was no end in sight.  I have been known to make a new year’s resolution to not exercise as much. The last time I did that, I ended up training for and running my first full marathon. The bottom line…I was miserable. To my surprise this past summer, everything changed.

My kids are now both teenagers and this past summer they ended up spending an entire month with my parents in California. This gave my husband and I a whole lot of time to just simply enjoy life. During this time is when everything seemed to shift for me in regards to exercising. My perspective and focus completely changed. Instead of just exercising for the sake of exercising, I learned a very important lesson; only do workouts that you enjoy doing.

It’s this simple; do exercises and activities that you truly love and enjoy doing. Wow, who would have thought? If you stick to this motto, then you’ll stick to exercising. Period. It’s taken me months to get consistent with my workouts again, but I’m finally there. I’m truly pursing what I love and I’m happier than ever and feel better than ever.

For me, that is weight training and paddle boarding.  For you, that probably looks totally different and that’s ok. It’s more than ok. It;s great! Pursue your exercise passions and you’ll find true happiness in your workout life. The added bonus…you’ll feel better than ever! Get out there and do what you love.