Happy Trails

bike-trail-sunset sitting-on-trail bike-on-bridge-sunset trail-curve riding-bike-on-trail trail-ride-selfie bike-on-trail

I love adventure, exercise and nature.  So, I’m not quite sure why I was so surprised that I not only liked trail riding, I LOVED it! It combines almost everything I love into one activity. If you throw in a sunset, that just puts it right over the edge. The trails I’ve been riding are on the edge of the Florida Everglades so the sunsets area phenomenal.

As promised in my post about paddleboarding again (view here), I gave trail riding a try and I must say, it is quickly becoming a regular outing for me. As for rock climbing, I tried a local indoor gym and loved it.  However, it will be a bit difficult to do on a regular basis as you need a partner to belay you. The only active person I know that is interested in rock climbing is my 16 year old son.  Between school, football training, track training, track meets and theater/play practice, I doubt we will fit much climbing in (at least for now).  I am going to try an outdoor rock climbing option at my daughters college and do a climb with her. We’ll see how it goes.  More to come.

I must say, I love using nature as my gym.  When I’m exercising outside, I feel invigorated and elated; I feel alive!


Forty One

sup-beach-view nell-hat-on-beach rock-climbing sup-selfie nell-and-kiddos 41 single-wave abc-breakfast sup bike-ride

So, this is 41. Supposedly once you’re over 40, then you’re considered “over the hill”, right? Well maybe, maybe not. In my 20’s I did consider the 40’s as being “over the hill” and I had a picture in my head of what that would look and feel like. This is not at all what I expected. Man, am I glad.  I choose to make the most of every day.  I choose to do the things that make me feel alive. So, here’s to the 40’s. Bring it on!

*A special thanks to my three favorite people; Steve, Danica and Trey.  Steve made me feel special and let me do anything I wanted all weekend while he did my chores for me.  Trey went rock climbing with me and we had the best time.  Danica gave me the best present by coming home for the weekend to hang out with me.  To each of you… thank you for being you and thank you for being amazing.  You made me feel so very special. 


Ocean Magic

board-sky-view-small ocean-selfie-small pier-water-small  stand-up-ocean-view-smallboard-in-motion-small sup-beach-view-small water-cloud-view-small

For me, paddleboading can be a purely magical experience.  This week I got to experience one of those magical moments. The water was completely flat, glassy, crystal clear and calm, the ocean was filled with beautiful sea life, the wind was calm and the moon was full.  It was perfect!  I quickly remembered just how much I love paddleboarding and how grateful I am to live in a place where I can do things like this year round.

You see, two years ago (before my mom’s accident), I was out on the water every single week without fail.  Then life flipped upside down and I just never got back into the habit.  Well, I’m taking life by the horns and I’m changing that.  Doing fun active activities makes me feel better physically and emotionally. Paddleboarding is probably at the top of that activity list for me.  It makes me feel alive! Now I’m looking to add additional activities to this list; mountain bike trail riding and indoor rock climbing.  More to come on that.  In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying more time on the ocean.

Tropical Tuesday

Trey Behind After Surfing Trey Catching Wave Trey Paddling 1 Trey Paddling 2 Trey Walking in from SurfingBeach Rocks View GoodYear Blimp

One of the main things my son and I have in common is a love for the water and outdoors so it’s always a great day when I get to sit in my happy place and watch him surf.

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach CampingBeachin ItBird on the BeachGirld JumpingJeep RollinPimpin at the BeachSunset Beach PinterestSurfing at Sunset

1 :: Beach surf camping (Pinterest)
2 :: Beachin’ it
3 :: Stalker bird
4 :: My daughter and her friends enjoying a day at the beach
5 :: Cruising the beach in my brother’s new jeep
6 :: The hubs at the beach
7 :: Sunset surfing (Pinterest)
8 :: Chasing the sunset (Pinterest)

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach Hammock Trey the Surfer Tiki Bar Tall Palm SUP in HI Sunset Run into the Ocean Rock and Ocean View Perfectly Clean FL Waves Ocean View through Palms Hawaii Lai

1 :: Beach hammocks are the best (Pinterest)
2 :: Coming in after catching some awesome waves
3:: Tropical tiki bar (Pinterest)
4 :: A tall palm in me and the hubs favorite lunch spot
5 :: Paddleboarding Hawaii is an experience out of this world (Pinterest)
6 :: Run to the ocean {always!} (Pinterest)
7 :: My beach on a perfect day
8 :: Perfectly clean waves in south Florida; very rare
9 :: My beach on a perfect day
10 :: Lei’s and banyan trees (Pinterest)

Tropical Tuesday :: My Beach

Deerfield Pier SunriseDeerfield Lifeguard StandAfter Paddle Selfie in SunDeerfield Beach SunriseDeerfield Beach PavillionDeerfield Pier Sunrise 2Board on Car at BeachDeerfield Beach Sunrise No PersonAirstream at DeerfieldDown the Beach View
This tropical post consists of pics from my favorite local beach spot; Deerfield Beach, FL. The ocean has been flat for majority of this week which means perfect morning paddleboarding sessions. There’s nothing better than gliding through the water as you watch the sunset above and the beautiful ocean and sea life below. This is truly my happy place.

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicAirstream with SurfboardSteve and Trey Chilly Water Florida Sunrise Surfboard on the Beach VW Van with Surfboard Surf Van Tropical Paradise Jimmy Buffet Beach Quote Race Board at the Dock Beautiful FL Beach Sky

1 :: Beach camping is the best (Pinterest)
2 :: My boys feeling a little chilly coming out of the ocean in February
3::  Florida sunrises often amaze me
4 :: A weekend surf session with my boy
5 :: Waiting for the surf (Pinterest)
6 :: Painted saying on a local surf van; wow, so true!
7 :: Tropical paradise (Pinterest)
8 :: Oh, Jimmy, you know my heart (Pinterest)
9 :: The new racer (Seahawk); the training begins
10 :: A Florida beach sky

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach Chair Thumbs up Beach Rock Jump Flip Flop Ocean View Grassy Beach View Jumping off Pier at Sunset Pathway to the Beach Sandy Back View Smiling Half Face SUP into Sunset Surfer Truck
1 :: Its all good at the beach
2 :: Ocean rock jumping
3::  Flip flop life
4 :: A grassy beach view
5 :: Sunset pier jump (Pinterest)
6 :: Walkway to peace
7 :: Sandy is good (Pinterest)
8 :: Up close and personal with mamanellie
9 :: Paddleboard into the sunset (Pinterest)
10 :: Surfboards loaded

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach Rock Climbing Flip Flop Life Grassy Beach View Hubs Watching Son Surf Signs of the World Sweden Beach Trey Surfing 3 Tropical Oasis VW Beach Van Walking Down the Beach
1 :: Doing some beach rock climbing
2 :: Always living the flip flop life
3::  A grassy beach view
4 :: The hubs watching our son catch tons of waves
5 :: How far are you from the ocean?
6 :: Sweden beach (Pinterest)
7 :: My son catching one of many waves on a Saturday afternoon
8 :: Tropical Oasis (Pinterest)
9 :: Let it all go (Pinterest)
10 :: Walking down my favorite local beach