Favorite Things

Nell and Steve Sunshine SmallSunset Half Down Small Steve Walking into Sun Small Steve in Sunset Small Nell Sitting in Road Small Nell Running in Sunset Looking Up Small Nell and Steve Sunshine Looking at each other Small Epic Sunset Small Bunny Small Blurry Bird Flying Small Nell Running in Sunset Looking Down Small

We chased the sunset, discovered uncharted territory, held hands, talked, laughed and saw a bunny. Two of my most favorite things; nature and my husband.  This night was good.


Thoughts on Nature

Orange Lion King Sunset Caution Everglades Sign Bird Diving Orange Lion King Sunset over water Orange Sunset Road Glades on 1 Side Bird Flying over Everglades  Sunset with Palm Boys on a JeepOrange and Blue Sunset

I am a sucker for nature; pretty much any kind.  Being emerged in the beauty of the outdoors brings me peace and tranquility like nothing else.  As I sit there soaking it all in, I lose track of time and all worries of this world.  Nature is one of the places that I easily connect with God.  I see him everywhere; His majesty and wonder surrounds me. Florida sunsets are simply the best! What a great way to end an awesome weekend.


This place.  It seems when we are here, time stands still.  I love going out to the Everglades with Steve to watch the sunset.  It is in these moments when we can put everything aside just be.  We can sit and watch the beauty all around us while we talk about big things, little things, silly things, insignificant things, everything. I love dreaming. I love thinking about what can be.  These are some of my most favorite moments.

Sunset with RaysNell in Everglades Really Close Steve Hands out in SunSteve at Everglades SunsetSteve Looking at Sunset Sunset Hand No Parking any timeNell Walking in Everglades

Date Night :: Sunset Views

Everglades Sawgrass View Nell Laughing in Road Steve on the RoadMoon Sliver Steve Walking to Everglades Canal by the EvergladesNell Pointing to the Everglades Steves Silloutte The Long Road Date Night Selfie B&W8 foot alligator Nell Walking in the Everglades

Date night involved a wings and beer dinner, some beautiful sunsets over the expanse of the grassy Florida Everglades, an 8 foot alligator, and some unexpected off-roading in the truck. Trespassing may have been involved just a tad. Oops!

Date Night :: Exploring

The government is closed which means that our usual date night spot is still off limits.  We decided to take a detour and explore a new spot.  Man, did we luck up.  We found this really cool old bridge that was closed off and set back a ways from the road.  We decided to stop there to hang out for a bit.  I can definitely tell that it’s really close to the time change because it is getting dark much, much earlier.  We are barely catching a sunset and are barely able to get in many pics before it’s too dark.  But, I think we were able to catch a few good ones. Here are the pics of our new date night spot this week.

Bridge in the Distance Photography Walking Down Bridge Photography Peaking over Bridge Rail Photography Leaning on Bridge Artistic View Photography Leaning on Bridge Photography Florida SunsetLeaning on Bridge Looking Up Photography

The Government Ruined Date Night

Government Ruined Date Night
We traveled to our normal date night hangout only to find that the park was closed.  We weren’t even thinking about the government being shut down much less that the shutdown would affect the parks.  But, it made total sense.  There were no workers to open the park yesterday.  Saddened, we drove down the gravel road that ran along the park to look for another spot only to find a cop writing tickets to a group of guys fishing.  Obviously, hanging out there just wasn’t happening.

Thanks, Obama! 😉

Date Night on the Patio Nell with Camera  Date Night Patio

We decided to just go home and hang out on our patio. We had a blast anyway and got these great pics also.

Thanks, Obama! 😉