A photo of my children every month :: March

Dee March

Trey March

Dee {17 years old}:
Vacation is a time for happiness and silliness. She loved running through the soft sand on the Destin, FL beach.

Trey {13 years and 10 months}:
This kid will do anything to avoid me taking pictures of him. Luckily, him trying to avoid a picture turned out to be the best picture taken of him on the entire trip.



A photo of my children every month :: February

Dee {16 years and 11 months} and Trey {13 years and 9 months}:
I thought I would post a video of both of the kids to represent February. We went to the Florida Keys to celebrate my birthday ending the evening with a dinner on the water. In the video the kids are trying to jump and touch every rafter all the way back to the car. All this happiness ended pretty quickly because after the video was over my daughters iPhone popped out of her sweatshirt pocket and landed face down on the concrete shattering. Nonetheless, it was still a great time.


A photo of my children every month :: January

Dee January 2014 Trey January 2014

Dee {16 years and 10 months}:
She never wears make-up at all because she thinks that she looks better without it (and I agree) but decided to give the no make-up with bright red lipstick a try.

Trey {13 years and 8 months}:
He got a new surfboard and hit a break through with surfing after many months of painful hard work. This is his Rocky victory punch.

One Month No Make-Up Challenge

I absolutely love going natural all weekend; not wearing any make-up. I would dread every Monday morning for many reasons, but one of those being that I would have to make myself up in order to go to work.  On a Monday morning about a month ago, I decided that I wouldn’t put on make-up to go to work.  After a few no make-up days, I wanted to challenge myself to go natural for a full month.   However, since my lips get chapped easily, I did allow myself to wear lipstick and/or chapstick.

Well, it’s been a complete and successful no make-up month and there is no turning back anytime soon.  I have been able to accept myself and really start to love the skin I’m in.  I find that I like myself more and am even finding myself to be beautiful at times.  This has been very difficult for me as I have vitiligo.

{Vitiligo (vit-uh-lie-go) causes the skin to lose color in patches. There is no cure for it and no explanation as to how fast or slow to spreads.}

No Makekup - Date NightNo Makeup - Arrow Shirt No Makeup - Pig Tail BraidsNo Makeup - What I wore No Makeup - Running No Makeup - Before ride

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

On the weekends, I typically go without wearing any make-up whatsoever and never think twice about it.  I’m also not usually coming face-to-face with many people that I know besides my family.

During the work week, I spend my time in a lot of meetings.  That means I am very much face-to-face with a lot of different people.  Because of this, I haven’t brought myself to go without any make-up during the work week.

That being said, I am very much a naturalist.  I don’t even fix my hair as you can see by this post from a couple of weeks ago.  When I do wear make-up it’s usually only on my eyes.  Wearing eye make-up takes you from a sleepy, just out of bed look to a polished, wide awake and ready to take on the day look.

I still struggle from time to time with not “feeling” pretty and not liking myself.  But I find that age and maturity have made me more accepting of myself and my natural beauty.  As you age, you go through many different seasons and phases.  The coolest thing I am finding is that the older I get, not only am I more accepting of myself, but I’m finding that I really like who I am, inside and out.