Living on Purpose

It’s not so much about who you are at this moment as much as it is about the person that you are becoming.  I recently read the book, “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow.  This book has seriously challenged me and changed my life.  In her book, Linda challenges you to create your own purpose statement for your life.  I never considered writing out exactly what my “roles” are in life that God has called me to and each day striving and aligning myself to those.  What an impact this has made on my life keeping me focused on what is most important.  Here is my personal purpose statement for my life…

Purpose Statement for my Life:
1. I will be a respecting, loving, supportive and submissive wife to my husband being his helper as he leads our family.

2. I will be an intentional mother raising and guiding our children in God’s truths to live for Jesus always.

3. I will choose to live my life to be an example of Jesus to others by living a faithful life full of peace, joy, grace and mercy.

4. I will completely and totally surrender my life to God and His will trusting in Him for all aspects of my life; large and small and everything in between.  I will hand over control to God each and everyday.