It’s a Celebration!

Rarely do things just fall right into place.  Sometimes they do, but, man is it rare.  At least at the level it did for our anniversary celebration this past weekend.  Very much to our surprise, at about 9pm on Friday night, we found ourselves child-free.

We proceeded to dance the night away, literally. We played music and danced in our living room. We also had a couple of drinks, laughed, joked and played sexy scrabble. Yes, you read that right; sexy scrabble. The idea is that all your words had to be sexual or no more than 2 levels removed from the sexual word. Because, let’s face it, that is really hard to do. Obviously, I made this up right on the spot and continued to make up rules as time passed.

Because the kids were still tied up with their friends on Saturday, we had the entire day to ourselves. This is the side benefit to having teenage children. We ate greasy burgers at a local burger joint for lunch and then headed south to a farmer’s market and flea market. The farmer’s market was great and had some unique finds but the flea market just eventually lead us into a Rasta tent.  The kind Jamaican owner called my husband over with a cold Heineken beer in a neck holder made of leaves.  What guy is going to pass that up after walking around in the heat for an hour?  After in his tent of Rasta goods, he made me a flower out of the same leaves. So of course I bought from him a piece of soap and Shea butter from Africa (There may be a post on this later).

We ended our day downtown in an Irish pub. My husband seems to be drawn to them which makes sense.  He is of Irish decent.  We don’t know much more than that; just the fact that his last name is Irish.  We had a couple of drinks and chatted with each other and the bartender.  The bartender asked to close out our tab and open a new one since the shift was changing.  After grabbing my husband’s credit cart, he jokingly asked if we were sent to check up on him. We were obviously clueless as to what he was talking about.  Come to find out, the owner has the same last name as us and apparently the spelling of the name is rare.  We decided to order the wings that were cooked with Guinness and honey and hopefully get to meet the owner since she was on her way in. The wings were literally the very best wings I have ever put in my mouth (as you can tell from the pictures below of me licking the plate).  We met the owner and had a great conversation.  She was straight from Dublin with a very endearing Irish accent.  To top it off, she gave us some free drinks.

We’ve now had 17 anniversary celebrations, but this one may be the best one yet.  Check out some of our pics below.

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