Baby Moccasins DIY

Moccassins and Blanket

I am a big moccasin fan and it just doesn’t get any cuter than itty bitty baby moccasins.  I made the moccasins (along with this double-sided blanket) for a friend who’s baby is due in April. Below are the step to recreate.  Enjoy!


Couple strips of leather (real or faux)
Suede cord
Straight pins
Thick quilting thread
Medium sewing needle
Large sewing needle


  1. Download and print pattern here
  2. Cut out pattern
  3. Lay pattern on top of bottom side of leather and draw around each (x2)
  4. Cut out all 4 pieces of leather
  5. Pin together as indicated in pic below
  6. Using medium sewing needle, sew around edge of each moccasin with thick quilting thread
  7. Make one large stitch about one inch above the toe to secure
  8. To make fringe, cut two pieces long enough to wrap around each shoe and attach in the front.  Make small cuts to create fringe.
  9. Thread large sewing needle with suede cord to adhere fringe and tie in the front

Bootie Cutout Bootie Pinned Bootie Sewn Moccasins Complete