Scenes from the Weekend :: Celebrating 41

Wings are Served Steve Deep DiscussionSteve Laughng Hysterically    Nell Crab Legs Steve and Papa Watching GameNell and Nana Selfie Papa with Silly HatFull Moon before Eclipse Friday Night Lights  Dee Home Mom with crocheted Hand SockButterfly Boil Beginnings Backyard Work in Dress


The hubs turned 41 on the 27th.  In true Steve fashion, to celebrate, the decision was made to lay low, hang around the house with family and friends and cook his most favorite meals.  I am a busy body, always wanting to be on the go but I have to admit that the chill birthday weekend he planned was perfect. I had the best time and went into the new week nice and relaxed. Here are some of the pics from our weekend.

  1. Special homemade wings and some football watching.
  2. Good convo with he in-laws.
  3. LOVE this! A true belly laugh. This pic makes me smile every time I look at it.
  4. CRABS! Cooked my famous seafood boil.
  5. “Watching” football.
  6. Selfie with my favorite lady.
  7. Crochet experiment gone wrong.
  8. The blood moon before the eclipse.
  9. Friday night lights.  Trey’s team won 32-20!
  10. SHE CAME HOME TO VISIT! I miss her face so badly! (having grown kids is harder than I expected)
  11. The successful crochet sock for mom’s arm.
  12. Backyard butterfly. I call these the bumble bee butterflies.
  13. Seafood boil beginnings.
  14. Landscaping in a dress.  Why not?

Crochet Sunflower DIY

Sunflower 2 Sunflower
With my mom now being in ICU for over a month, I really wanted to find a way to get something cheerful into her room especially now that she is starting to wake up a bit.  Unfortunately, there is a no flower and no plant rule in the ICU due to the possibility of spreading germs and aggravating allergies. (side note: apparently some hospitals are moving to this rule for all rooms)  I kept trying to come up with possibilities, then it hit me like a ton of bricks one day while trying to focus on something else – story of my life.  If she could not have a live flower, then I could make her a flower that would never die; perfect!

I’m thinking of making up a few of these and maybe bringing them to a nursing home that my church is involved with.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  You cannot see if from these pics, but the “dirt” inside the flower pot is a crocheted circle as well.  Below are basic instructions to make one yourself.

Brown and Yellow Yarn
Size “G” Crochet Hook
Green Pipe Cleaner
Small Flower Pot
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Pillow Stuffing

Instructions (all stitches are single crochet):

  1. Using the brown yarn, crochet a circle the same as you would to start a hat.  Make as large or small as you’d like.
  2. On the last row around use the yellow yarn.
  3. Once you’ve made a complete row around with the yellow yarn, start making the petals with decreasing sets for each petal. Once you’ve crocheted to the tip of the petal, single crochet down the side to get back to the base to begin the next petal.
  4. Crochet another circle using the brown yarn large enough to glue into the flower pot.
  5. Fill the flower pot 3/4 full of pillow stuffing.
  6. Glue the “dirt” circle into the pot.
  7. Twist three green pipe cleaners together and affix and glue to the flower and then feed through the middle hole in the “dirt” circle and feed the pipe cleaner out through the bottom hole in the flower pot and glue onto the bottom of the pot.

Just a Weekend :: Happiness

Upcycled Skirt - STOP Surf Sitting Room Trey and Banana Yarn Sewing Living RoomBanana Dining Room New Piper Sandals D Ombre Spinning
Sometimes you read something online and it really sticks with you.  This happened to me recently.  I read something on Instagram posted by the lovely @kaehope and it has stuck with me everyday since.

“Happiness – is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that it IS. A new goal I’ve set: to be contagiously happy. ”

This is so true and since I read this on Instagram, I’ve heard the same message in other ways…Bloom where you are planted.  We are only given today so LIVE, I mean truly live for today.  Enjoy your life right where you are. Celebrate your life for everything that it is.

These are pics from my weekend, just everyday life truly enjoying the moment; sewing, hanging with the hubs and kids, redecorating the house, crocheting, enjoying new shoes, loving our fat cat.  Happy weekend, happy life.

DIY :: Crochet iPhone Case

iPhone Crochet Case

I cracked my iPhone 5 about 4 months ago and have been living with it until this past weekend. My husband threw my phone to me and I missed the catch which sent the phone crashing to the floor and several pieces of glass falling out. This meant that it was time for me to make the leap and get a new iPhone.

I don’t know about you, but my phone gets mucked up pretty badly from sticking in down in my purse. Because of this, I decided to make a soft crochet case to put it in. Check out the supplies and steps below to make one for yourself (this pattern will fit an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s).

Supplies: Two sets of standard yarn in colors of your choice, Size “G” crochet hook, Button of your choice on the smaller size.

1) Chain 12.
2) Double crochet 16 rows to make your longer side for the flap.
3) For the smaller side, chain 12 and double crochet 11 rows.
4) Place to two pieces on top of each other and with the second color yarn, single crochet around the edges.
5) Sew your button on the smaller side.

DIY :: Crochet Power Cord Pouch

Crochet Power Cord Pouch

Because I was frustrated with carrying my Mac Book laptop power cord around and it unwinding on me multiple times, I decided to make a drawstring pouch to go along with my crochet mac book laptop case.

Supplies: medium weight yarn in any color(s) you’d like, size F or G crochet hook.

1) Crochet a 12-18″ square using your yarn color of choice. I used a triple crochet stitch.
2) Create a string using a chain stitch.
3) Gather the square together to make a pouch and feed the string through and tie.

DIY :: Crochet Laptop Case

DIY Crochet Laptop Case Complete

After getting frustrated with not having a safe way to carry my laptop between work and home, I decided to make one.  Crochet is such a great option because of how soft it is.  The pattern below is made for a Mac Book Pro but can easily be adjusted to fit any laptop.  Check out the steps below.

Supplies: medium weight yarn in any color(s) you’d like, size F or G crochet hook, large sewing needle, large button.

DIY Crochet Laptop Case Step 1

Step 1: Chain 45. Double crochet 55 rows.

DIY Crochet Laptop Case Step 2

Step 2: Fold the crocheted piece in half. Thread a large sewing needle and stitch up each side of the case.

DIY Crochet Laptop Case Step 3

Step 3: Flip the case inside out and crochet a loop on the back using a single crochet of 15 stitches. Then sew the button on.

Crochet Pattern Copy

My friend was given this cute pink crocheted headband and wanted the same pattern but in another color.  My first thought…my mom can easily figure it out.  She’s a crochet whiz!  Sure enough, she did and improved upon it.  The original headband is the pink one and the copied ones are the white ones and the blue one.  We’re getting the pattern written down on paper and there will be more colors and patterns to come.  These are so cute!

Crochet Goodies

Here are two crochet bracelets and one crochet headband I made this past weekend using a flower pattern.  These are so fun to wear.  I’m coming up with new patterns and trying new designs.  More to come!

Band Time

Here are some pics of a few headbands that I have made.  All are crocheted except for the one on the bottom right.  I also have to give credit to my wonderfully talented mom who crocheted the flowers for the one on the top right.  I will be using these pieces more often in the months to come as I grow out my bangs.