A Weekend without Kids Part 3

Bike under the Palm

Hanging under the Palms

hat and sunglasses

Nell in Hammock on South Beach

Nells Bike Looking Down

palm view

Palm with Sunshine Through

south beach lifeguard

Steve on Bike TrailCruise Ship

Steve on Bike Trail 2

It was our last weekend alone before the kids came home so we decided to something different yet the same. We wanted to do another beach bike ride but change up the scenery a bit so we decided to load up the bikes and head down to south beach in Miami. If you’ve ever been to south beach, you know how crazy and crowded it can be. This weekend was no different. After getting there and seeing all the craziness (world cup parties didn’t help), we were very reluctant that this trip would pan out. But after much searching, we found a place to park, unloaded our bikes and began our little adventure. We rode up and down the boardwalk along the beach, stopped at an ice cream stand, sat and watched the massive cruise ships come up the intracoastal from the port, did a ton of people watching, laid in the grass for a break and even took a short nap. It was fabulous.

I think beach bike riding may be our new thing. You can do so much more sightseeing and exploring when you’re on a bike versus in a car or on foot. Plus the hubs has decided to begin a new “bike pimping” project. More to come on this front.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time alone with my husband. He is my partner and my very best friend. I absolutely love doing anything and everything with him. These times alone truly make me look forward to the future.


A Weekend without Kids Part 2

Bike Riding Road View Hammock at the Beach Hiding from the Rain Majestic Chair Palm From Beneath Steve Bike Riding Steve Let the Rain Fall Down Sunset
The hubs and I had another special weekend.  We didn’t have any particular plans going into the weekend which was kind of nice.  We slept in each day and just went with the flow. We ate some great food, watched movies, rode bikes along the beach, swam, snorkeled, had some beach hammock time (apparently a huge hit amongst other beachgoers), and fought the rain twice. In south Florida it typically rains every afternoon in the summer.  It drizzled a bit during dinner on Saturday.  On Sunday we were at the beach when dark clouds, thunder and lightening rolled in.  The lifeguard called everyone in from the water immediately.  We thought we could ride our bikes back to the car in time to beat the weather but we didn’t make it.  It came a complete downpour.  We stopped under a tree for a bit but that failed us quickly.  We ended up riding about a mile in the pouring down rain.  Surprisingly enough, it was a blast.  We laughed and laughed all the way to the car.  I love these grand adventures!

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach Chair Thumbs up Beach Rock Jump Flip Flop Ocean View Grassy Beach View Jumping off Pier at Sunset Pathway to the Beach Sandy Back View Smiling Half Face SUP into Sunset Surfer Truck
1 :: Its all good at the beach
2 :: Ocean rock jumping
3::  Flip flop life
4 :: A grassy beach view
5 :: Sunset pier jump (Pinterest)
6 :: Walkway to peace
7 :: Sandy is good (Pinterest)
8 :: Up close and personal with mamanellie
9 :: Paddleboard into the sunset (Pinterest)
10 :: Surfboards loaded

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach Rock Climbing Flip Flop Life Grassy Beach View Hubs Watching Son Surf Signs of the World Sweden Beach Trey Surfing 3 Tropical Oasis VW Beach Van Walking Down the Beach
1 :: Doing some beach rock climbing
2 :: Always living the flip flop life
3::  A grassy beach view
4 :: The hubs watching our son catch tons of waves
5 :: How far are you from the ocean?
6 :: Sweden beach (Pinterest)
7 :: My son catching one of many waves on a Saturday afternoon
8 :: Tropical Oasis (Pinterest)
9 :: Let it all go (Pinterest)
10 :: Walking down my favorite local beach

Tropical Tuesday

Beach Reading Beach Hut in Philippines Boho Beach Camp Sunrise - FB Cover Paddleboard Race After Pic Florida Keys Sunset Beach with 2 palms Painted Palms
1 :: Perfect beach reading spot (Pinterest)
2 :: Beach hut in the Philippines (Pinterest)
3::  Boho beach camp (Pinterest)
4 :: Sunrise beach paddle
5 :: After paddleboard race pose
6 :: Florida Keys sunset
7 :: Beautiful Florida beach day
8 :: Painted palms and relaxation (Pinterest)

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach ShackCurious BirdFishing in the KeysFlying into the WaterHanalei PierHawaiian HoneyKauai LighthouseLove on a VW BusPaddle Surfing Hanalei BayTurquoise Beach Shack

1 :: Beach house (Pinterest)
2 :: A curious bird
3::  The hubs fishing in the keys
4 :: My daughter going “all in” into the ocean
5 :: Saying goodbye to Kauai; last walk down Hanalei Bay Pier
6 :: Hawaiian Honey (Pinterest)
7 :: Kauai lighthouse
8 :: Love on a VW bus (Pinterest)
9 :: My brother and son paddle surfing Hanalei Bay
10 :: Tiny turquoise beach shack (Pinterest)

Tropical Tuesday


Tropical Tuesday Main PicBeach House Florida SnowmanGirl on Board - Turtle Beneath Maui Sunset Paddleboarding in Poipu Paddleboarding Sunrise Queens Bath  Trey going Surfing Trey sitting on Beach with BoardSwinging at the Beach
1 :: Beach house (Pinterest)
2 :: A south Florida “snow” man
3::  Looking for sea turtles (Pinterest)
4 :: A Maui sunset
5 :: Paddleboarding in Poipu, Kauai
6 :: Florida paddleboarding sunrise
7 :: Queens Bath in Kauai
8 :: My son headed out to surf
9 :: My awesome surfer taking a much needed break
10 :: Swinging at sunset (Pinterest)

Tropical Tuesday

I know, I know, it’s Wednesday. It’s been one of those weeks and I’m late on just about everything. So, you get Tropical Tuesday on a Wednesday. Enjoy!

Tropical Tuesday Main PicIsland View CofeeFeet on Black Sand Beach Hang Loose Lave Holes by Black Beach Let it All Hang Out Tropical Guitar Nells Miley Face Nell on Lava Rock Peak Nell Holding Big Bamboo Nell Gazing from Waterfall
1 :: A cup of coffee with an island view in Maui
2 :: From where I stood on black sand beach in Maui
3:: Hang loose (tumblr)
4 :: Tunnels near black sand beach in Maui
5 :: Let it all hang out (tumblr)
6 :: Ready for some beach music
7 :: Apparently I have a Miley face after surfing, Yikes!
8 :: I’m on top of the world; or lava rock in Hawaii
9 :: The bamboo is massive and everywhere in Maui
10 :: The waterfalls in Hawaii are simply amazing

Tropical Tuesday

Tropical Tuesday Main PicPaddleboaerding-Sunrise-080311-Enhanced-Twitter2Bike to the Beach Camper at the Beach Cliff Lunch View Maui Moon Nell Paddleboarding Nell Waiting on Surf No Snorkel Access Local Surf SpotSunset over hotel and mountain 2Camper Ocean View

1 :: Sunrise during a morning paddle board session, South Florida
2 :: Bike ride to the beach (pinterest)
3:: Beach camping (pinterest)
4 :: Scenery on road to Hana in Maui, HI
5 :: Maui moon
6 :: Paddle boarding a flat Atlantic Ocean
7 :: Patiently waiting on the clearing to paddle out
8 :: Local surf spot in Maui
9 :: Maui sunset
10 :: Early morning beach view (pinterest)