A photo of my children every month :: July

D and Jake Trey July After Baptism

Dee {17 years and 4 months}:
After having a long distance relationship between Belgium and the U.S. for a full year, Dee’s boyfriend came for a visit.  It was a joy getting to know him.  They spent the two weeks going on dates, hanging out watching tv and going to church camp.

Trey {14 years and 2 months}:
I am so proud of this kid! He went to church camp and recommitted his life to Christ.



A photo of my children every month :: June

D in a Hat papa and trey fishing

Dee {17 years and 3 months}:
They spent the entire month of June in California with my parents.  They got to do so many cool things together but she got some special treatment alone like breakfast in bed and a girls day manicure/pedicure with my mom.  She had a blast but is looking forward to the next chapter of her summer.  Her boyfriend (who she hasn’t seen in a year) comes back from Belgium, she has church camp and then gets to go on a trip with her boyfriend and his parents to get him setup for college.  She’s beyond excited.

Trey {14 years and 1 month}:
They spent the entire month of June in California with my parents.  Trey got special treatment in California by going on fishing excursions with my dad.  He had a so much fun but is looking forward to coming home and starting football next week.  Also, he is now just a tad bit taller than my dad.  He is growing so fast!


A photo of my children every month :: May

May Danica May Trey

Dee {17 years and 2 months}:
May is big month with end of year exams, scheduled SAT’s and AP exams. It’s also the month that the seniors complete high school and the juniors are crowned as seniors. My girl is officially a senior. Let the tears begin!

Trey {14 years}:
May is Trey’s birthday month. He turned 14 in May and the one thing he wanted to do was try archery lessons. He did his first lesson on his birthday and as usual did an amazing job. This kid is just naturally good at sports right out of the gate. It blows my mind! So proud of him.


A photo of my children every month :: April

April Danica April Trey

Dee {17 years and 1 month}:
These days, this girl is busy planning for college; taking the SAT, ACT, AP exam, visiting colleges, etc. She’s also very excited that her boyfriend from Belgium will be coming back to the states in 68 days after being gone a year. We officially gave her the approval to go with him and his family to Chicago for a couple of weeks this summer. Yikes, how is this happening already!?!?

Trey {13 years and 11 months}:
He absolutely, positively, always, always, always hates to have his picture taken. If he catches me taking a picture of him, this is the face he makes. Every time I stand next to him he’s taller. He is now a head taller than me, so he is definitely getting his height from his dad.


A photo of my children every month :: March

Dee March

Trey March

Dee {17 years old}:
Vacation is a time for happiness and silliness. She loved running through the soft sand on the Destin, FL beach.

Trey {13 years and 10 months}:
This kid will do anything to avoid me taking pictures of him. Luckily, him trying to avoid a picture turned out to be the best picture taken of him on the entire trip.


A photo of my children every month :: February

Dee {16 years and 11 months} and Trey {13 years and 9 months}:
I thought I would post a video of both of the kids to represent February. We went to the Florida Keys to celebrate my birthday ending the evening with a dinner on the water. In the video the kids are trying to jump and touch every rafter all the way back to the car. All this happiness ended pretty quickly because after the video was over my daughters iPhone popped out of her sweatshirt pocket and landed face down on the concrete shattering. Nonetheless, it was still a great time.


A photo of my children every month :: January

Dee January 2014 Trey January 2014

Dee {16 years and 10 months}:
She never wears make-up at all because she thinks that she looks better without it (and I agree) but decided to give the no make-up with bright red lipstick a try.

Trey {13 years and 8 months}:
He got a new surfboard and hit a break through with surfing after many months of painful hard work. This is his Rocky victory punch.


A photo of my children every month :: December

danica december 2013 Trey December 2013

Dee {16 years and 9 months}:
She volunteered at church for the Christmas drive-in series which meant that she got to dress as a 50’s diner girl on roller skates for about 5 days in a row.  I love her servant heart.

Trey {13 years and 7 months}:
He is persistent in learning how to surf no matter how difficult it may be.  I’m so proud of this kid.


A photo of my children every month :: November

Danica NovemberTrey November

Dee {16 years and 8 months}:
After much digging, all I could find were selfies, tons of them. Also, she went from a nose stud to a hoop this month which she was very excited about.

Trey {13 years and 6 months}:
This kid is hilarious. He always has us laughing. I absolutely love his funny sense of humor.


A photo of my children every month :: October
Dancing by the Water Walking down fishing bridge
Dee {16 years and 7 months}:
She is always listening to music and lately has been the happiest, silliest teenager. It brings my heart joy.

Trey {13 years and 5 months}:
He is going through a growth spurt and changing drastically. His deeper voice still shocks me.