This place.  It seems when we are here, time stands still.  I love going out to the Everglades with Steve to watch the sunset.  It is in these moments when we can put everything aside just be.  We can sit and watch the beauty all around us while we talk about big things, little things, silly things, insignificant things, everything. I love dreaming. I love thinking about what can be.  These are some of my most favorite moments.

Sunset with RaysNell in Everglades Really Close Steve Hands out in SunSteve at Everglades SunsetSteve Looking at Sunset Sunset Hand No Parking any timeNell Walking in Everglades


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. I’m glad to see you getting a little of “your” life back.  Thank you for the daily updates on your mom.  Your mom and especially your dad are in my thoughts and prayers daily.  Sometimes the “caretaker” needs more help than the patient.  Have fun on your Costa Rica trip and enjoy your family!  Life comes at you fast………and it gets faster and faster — hang on for the ride!   Take care.   Kathy White

    • Oh, Kathy, thank you so much for this sweet comment. It made my day. Yes, I’m really trying to get a bit of my life back. Life flies by and is way too short to miss out. The challenge is to balance all areas of my life and balance them well. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. You are right, dad is probably most in need of them. Love, Nell

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