Last of Lasts

I find myself sitting in a meeting on a Friday afternoon.  I get a text from my daughter that reads, “Just walked out of my last full day of high school”.  Then flood of emotions begin.  How are we here already?  I remember bringing you to your very first day of school, I think to myself.  This is the last of lasts for Dee; the last day of the last year of high school.  It is the first of lasts for me.  This is the first time I’m experiencing a child moving through this phase of life.  It is surreal; difficult to wrap my head around.  No matter what crazy and mixed emotions I may feel about this phase and transition for my first born, there is one thing that I do know.  I am proud.  I am incredibly proud of the strong, beautiful and smart young lady my daughter has become.  She has worked so hard and has accomplished so much already.

Since the day she was born, there were two main things I wanted.  First, was for her to know Jesus in a real and intimate way. Second, was for she and I to have a close relationship (eventually to become best friends).  The exciting thing about this next phase of her life, becoming an adult, is that we can become even better friends.  This alone makes me smile.  This brings me joy.  Happy end of high school, Dee!  You’re amazing!

* Sorry for the fuzzy photos.  It was early and bad lighting.

Danica - Last Day - Aggrevated Face Danica - Last Day - Sideways Look Danica - Last Day - Smile


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