There is something about a tragic life event that will make you look in retrospect.  In doing so, I went back to a photo album that my mom had made for me years back that included nothing but old photos from when I was a little girl.  I picked out some of my favorites to share with you.  There were a few things that came to mind when looking at these photos.

  1. My mom is a breathtakingly beautiful woman.
  2. She is incredibly stylish.  I would love to have those clothes today.
  3. My dad looked even more Spanish in his younger years.  (He’s not Spanish at all)
  4. My parents knew how to vacation well.
  5. The 70’s was an awesome era.

* My mom is slowly progressing and healing from her terrible accident.  We had the first glimpse of hope yesterday; she responded to us by shaking her head “yes”.  She continues to be a miracle from God everyday and for that we are incredibly thankful.  Please keep the prayers coming. This will be a very long journey. (Daily updates found HERE)

Mom and Me Tree 800 Mom dad and me cypress gardens 800 Mom and me in chairs 800 Davis and Ehrets 800 Dad and me 800


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