DIY Firepit

BootsFirePit Firepit with Chairs Gloves Backyard in progress Backyard complete

I have been wanting a fire pit in our backyard for a while now and with the cooler weather, I thought this would be a great time to build one.  Honestly, the fire pit is super easy to build, but you will definitely want some extra muscle to help carry these stones.  They are super heavy.  Here are the step-by-step instructions along with links to the supplies.

36 Retaining Wall Stones12″ x 4″
Bag of sand
2 bags of pea gravel or river rocks


  1. Mark off the area where the fire pit will be placed.
  2. Kill (with weed and grass killer) and/or pull all grass and weeds in the marked off area.
  3. Using a rake, shovel or your hands, level off the marked area.
  4. Place 12 stones (first layer) in a circle putting the stones flush against each other.
  5. Place the next 12 stones (second layer) staggering the placement.
  6. Place the last 12 stones (third layer) staggering the placement.
  7. Pour the bag of sand inside the circle of stones and level with hands.
  8. Pour both bags of rocks into the pit and level with hands.
  9. Do any other landscaping you’d like to give it a finishing touch.
  10. Put chairs around the fire pit.
  11. Grab a drink and enjoy.

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