Vitilago Hurts

Vitilago Hand on Mouth Vitilago Flat Hands Vitilago Hands Up

Vitilago is a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin. Basically, it causes random white spots on parts of your body and the darker your skin the more evident.

I found the first spots on my body about six years ago in my underarm area. A bit panicked by what I saw and having no idea what it could be, I made an appointment with my doctor right away. After a biopsy was done, it was quickly confirmed that I had the first signs of vitilago. I wasn’t happy about this diagnosis but wasn’t necessarily too concerned at that point since it was only in my underarms.

Then it happened. New spots appeared on my body. It moved to my face then to my hands and then to my feet. The hands and feet are bad enough, but having vitilago on your face is the worst. I suffered with it on my face for years but thank God, many of the vitilago spots on my face filled back in with pigmentation. My hands and feet are a totally different story. The vitilago in these areas are spreading like crazy.

I always felt very blessed to have an olive complexion. I can wear 100 SPF sunscreen and tan straight through it. This type of complexion is something that many women would die for. I used to love it but not so much anymore. The darker I get, the more my vitilago shows. As many of you know I love the beach and love being outside, but because of the vitilago, I find myself avoiding the things I love the most. It sucks!

Vitilago hurts; not in the physically painful sense but in the emotional, life altering sense. It’s a huge blow to your self esteem. I’m constantly trying to darken the vitilago spots or trying to cover up the rest of my body to avoid getting any darker.  Doctor’s have found no proven cure except for prolonged light therapy.  This type of treatment is expensive and insurance will not cover it. Their reasoning for not covering this treatment? They claim it’s because vitilago is only a cosmetic issue and from my personal experience, they are incredibly wrong! People with vitilago are hurting and our lives are being altered by this disease.


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