A Vintage Boho Chair

Peacock Boho Chair After
Finding something on Craigslist is not all that difficult unless you are searching for something very specific. I had been on the prowl for a very particular chair.  To be honest, I didn’t even know what type of chair it was; I had no idea what to even call it.  I just knew the look of it, that it was from the 70’s era and made of wicker. After searching online, I found that some called it a peacock chair, some said it is a queen chair while others called it a boho or bohemian chair.  Either way, I was able to do my Craigslist hunt which required a bit of patience as it took me a couple of months to finally find one.  I scored an old white boho chair from a lady an hour away.  It had been sitting on her patio for who knows how many years.  It was in good condition overall but had a horrible seat cushion and a lot of chipped white paint.  3 spray paint cans and $20 later, you have this beauty right here.  I’m pretty excited about the way it turned out.

* Unfortunately, I lost the before picture so all I have is the after shot.
* Also, thanks to my brother for venturing into this “sketch” Craigslist deal by grabbing this chair off a lady’s patio and leaving a twenty under a paint can!  🙂


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