Glimpse into a Weekend w/o Kids

full-moon-friday-13th Nell ShootingSteve Walking into WynwoodWall Painting Woman KneelingWall Painting HI GirlSteve at Wynwood TigerSteve at Wynwood Red FaceSteve at PantherGraditude SurfboardNell at PantherNell Walking down BoardwalkSteve and Marc Beach Sitting
Since it was Father’s Day weekend, my husband got to decide what we did.  Now, the hubs and I are total opposites in almost every way.  I’m a detailed planner and he doesn’t plan hardly at all especially when it comes to weekend activities.  I definitely had my reservations as to how this weekend would turn out since no plans had been made.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  The weekend was not only great; it was almost magical at times.  We did a movie, ate sushi, watched the full moon on the beach (on Friday the 13th – only one in our lifetime), ate at a specialty cafe, shot guns (my first time), saw amazing artwork at Wynwood Walls in the Miami Art District, went to the beach and boardwalk.

I want nothing more than having my children around me always, but there is something special about getting an opportunity to rekindle this terrific romance with the love of my life for nearly 18 years and counting.


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