The Best of Gluten Free

the best of gluten free
I was gluten free before being gluten free was cool. Now being gluten free is a “thing”; it is trendy. But, when I had to go gluten free, it wasn’t. It was a nightmare and there were very limited options. I remember when I first made the switch to no gluten, I cried when watching my family eat my favorite foods like pasta, bread and pizza.  There were no easy alternatives to those type of foods. I felt like sort of a drug addict going through withdrawals. I cried and was miserable.

Fast forward many years.  I’m still gluten free, but there are tons of options available.  Because I’ve been on this diet for so long, I have tried most every gluten free option under the sun.  These are my absolute favorites; things that I eat weekly and sometimes daily.  To me, these foods taste just like the “real” counterpart.  If you’re gluten free or considering gluten free, let me save you the trouble in experimenting.  Try the items in the picture.  I can tell you that bread wise, anything that is made by Udi’s will be delicious, all Kind bars are wonderful and Betty Crocker has the whole gluten free sweets thing down pat (my kids prefer them).

  1. Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix – my kids actually prefer these to regular brownies (my kids are not gluten free).
  2. Flax 4 Life Chocolate Muffins – I tried these on a whim the other day because they are healthy.  I was not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.  They are delicious!
  3. Sabra Hummus – roasted red pepper is my fave. I eat these with the veggie chips almost everyday for a snack.
  4. Sensible Portions Veggie Straws – get the sea salt version as the ranch is not gluten free. These are great coupled with the Sabra hummus.
  5. Mueller’s Gluten Free Pasta – I voted for these as the best only because of the price. They are as good as the higher priced gluten free pasta but MUCH cheaper.
  6. Kind bars – These are absolutely delicious. I eat a cranberry one every morning.
  7. Udi’s Gluten Free Bread – When toasted, you literally cannot tell the difference between Udi’s and regular bread. It makes for an awesome sandwich.
  8. Udi’s Pizza – The pizza and the pizza crust by Udi’s are both great. Like I said, if you want a gluten free bread product, stick with the Udi’s brand. Many other brands taste like cardboard.

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