A photo of my children every month :: April

April Danica April Trey

Dee {17 years and 1 month}:
These days, this girl is busy planning for college; taking the SAT, ACT, AP exam, visiting colleges, etc. She’s also very excited that her boyfriend from Belgium will be coming back to the states in 68 days after being gone a year. We officially gave her the approval to go with him and his family to Chicago for a couple of weeks this summer. Yikes, how is this happening already!?!?

Trey {13 years and 11 months}:
He absolutely, positively, always, always, always hates to have his picture taken. If he catches me taking a picture of him, this is the face he makes. Every time I stand next to him he’s taller. He is now a head taller than me, so he is definitely getting his height from his dad.


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