Road Trip :: New Orleans

Bourbon Street Boys in Bath Robs Central Grocery Muffalata Central Grocery Sign French Market Kids at St. Louis Cathedral Nell in NO St. Louis Cathedral Swamp Bridge Swamp House Swamp PiIMG_7002
New Orleans is truly a city like no other. The culture and heritage runs deep as does the alcohol. Much of my family is from an area just south of New Orleans so this city is near and dear to my heart. I grew up an hour from New Orleans and for me being in the city is just second nature. My kids had never really spent any time there so our goal was to show them what New Orleans was like and, of course, to eat a ton of amazing food. We did just that. We toured the city, ate at all our favorite hot spots (and a few new ones), did a ghost tour and a swamp tour. The French style hotel (as most are) was beautiful and unique with a rooftop pool overlooking the city and a late night PB&J snack hour.

The kids had a blast and so did we even though my husband fractured his knee attempting to be 14 instead of 40.


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