The Joy of Cooking

Joy of Cooking

Let’s face it, meal time is the heart of every family. The kitchen is the heart of every home. You’re never more relaxed or at peace as when you’re sitting down to a delicious meal with family or friends. Your guard is down and you can freely discuss the happenings of your day, details of your life, or simply laugh about that crazy thing you did on vacation last month. I come from a family that does not eat to live. They live to eat! So naturally, meal time is important to me and therefore is an important part of my home life.

The Joy of Cooking cookbook is the pioneer of all cookbooks and is the go-to reference guide when cooking most any meal. I have wanted to buy this cookbook for years but always forget what version to order. There are many amazing cooks in my family; most are Cajun French by heritage. Once again, the Joy of Cooking cookbook resurfaced during our meal preparation discussions when recently visiting my uncle who has worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. As soon as I had the version in front of me, I ordered it. Not only can I not wait to see what tasty meals come from this treasure, I cannot wait to see what great conversations happen while cooking and eating them.


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