A Disney Celebration

D at Cinderellas CastleD in the West Wing Creepy Trey Walking up from the Lighthouse at Hotel Trey Patiently Waiting in Line Teacups Steve waiting in line Photo Bomb at Beasts Castel Parents Waiting at the Teacups Nells Crazy Face Epcot Purple D with Belle D on Stairs at Hotel Disney Cinderella Castle Balloon View

My daughter’s favorite place in the world is Disney. So, naturally wanted to go there to celebrate her 17th birthday. It worked out perfectly because I already had a conference scheduled at a Disney resort. I have to admit that the previous trips were just mediocre. Honestly, we try to pack way too much into one day, which leads to complete exhaustion and frustration. This time was different. I feel like for the fist time we had an actual “Disney experience” and I truly believe it had almost everything to do with the hotel. We stayed at the Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. The hotel was beautiful and the fact that it was within walking distance to Epcot helped, but the biggest selling point was the pool. The pool went on for days and had a sand bottom. There was also a massive water slide. Not just any slide. It was a water slide that you’d only see in water parks.

We did Magic Kingdom on the first day. It was crazy and crowded like always but with the new magic bands (brilliant idea) and fast pass, it made for a great time. My daughter wanted to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant which is always booked but they now offer a fast pass option to eat there. Another brilliant idea, Disney! That experience was phenomenal.

We did Epcot the second day. I haven’t been to Epcot in at least 15 years and had very low expectations for this trip based on what I remember from years ago. I have to admit, I was completely wrong. We had a blast. I absolutely loved seeing all the countries and the food that each had to offer. What a pleasant surprise. Epcot didn’t have a ton of rides but the experience was amazing. Loving the experience over the rides these days; does that mean I’m getting old? Maybe.

Happy birthday Dee. I love you to pieces!


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