Birthday Celebration :: Day 1

In our family, birthday’s are important. They are so important that we not only celebrate your actual birthday, we celebrate your entire birthday weekend. If your birthday doesn’t fall on the weekend, you get to choose the weekend before or the weekend after to celebrate.

The rule is that during your birthday weekend, you get to choose what the entire family does, where we eat, etc. Of course, since my most favorite activity is paddleboarding, my weekend involved a lot of this activity. The coolest thing is that my birthday fell on a three day weekend. So, I got to celebrate for three days instead of just two!

The first day of the weekend, we went about an hour north to paddle around Jupiter Island (Florida), do some fishing from the beach, fishing from the paddleboards and simply relaxing on the beach. Check out the pics from day one of my birthday celebration.

Beach Setup Fishing out in the Ocean High in a Mangrove Tree Paddleboard Fishing Paddleboard on the Sunlight Shadow Dwellers


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