Accidentally Becoming a Pecitarian

Field of Lettuce
I started eating mainly salads for lunch and a lean meat with a veggie for dinner about a month ago when my husband went on the grapefruit diet. I continued to lift weights while amping up my cardio a bit by alternating between running on the beach and doing the elliptical at the gym. Man, I was starting to feel light and lean again for the first time in a while. We would go through pounds of chicken each week with each member of my family eating chicken salads for lunch. There were several occasions where we ran out of chicken and I would substitute beans. The days I did this, I felt even better and ultimately decided that I would not eat meat except for seafood. I’ve been doing this about two weeks now and feel better than ever. I’ve really leaned out dropping 6 pounds (which is a lot for me since I’m only 4′ 11″ and 110 pounds). In mentioning this to my friend Adora, she quickly said, if you eat vegetarian but allow seafood in the diet then you’re a pecitarian. I honestly did not realize it was a “thing”. But after a short explanation, I guess that is what I am. (side note – this is in addition to being gluten-free which I’ve done for 5 years)

Becoming an accidental pecitarian couldn’t have happened at a better time because my custom race paddleboard was recently completed and I’ve begun training. I am energetic, feeling great and ready to race!

Here is my typical meal plan:

Greek yogurt
Gluten-free kind bar

Southwest type salad with:
Romaine lettuce
Black olives
Black Beans with juice

Grilled fish
Sauteed squash and peppers

*Tip – sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your beans or greens to settle any, ah-hem, stomach issues.


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