The Wedding Plate

Wedding Plate 800
We decided to do a major clean out of our kitchen cabinets and drawers which was a huge effort and was way past due. Surprisingly, my husband is the organizer in the family. Messy and overflowing cabinets bother him much more quickly than it does me. So this means that I cleaned out the pantry and he cleaned out everything else. As he spent hours scouring through cabinet after cabinet, I ran errands. When I came back home I noticed an old but recognizable plate displayed on our counter. I immediately said to him, “aw it’s our fine china from our wedding.” I was totally correct but I found out that this one wedding plate had a much deeper meaning to him and therefore was the reason that he decided to display it on our counter.

You see, we were very young when we got married. We were young, naive and totally clueless. When putting together a wedding registry, the lady at the store told us that we absolutely much pick out a fine china set. Not knowing any better, we followed the direction of the clerk and picked out this pretty design. Looking at the price tag, we both said that there was no way that anyone would spend that much money on a set of china. Well they did. We received one set and it was from my in-laws. What this one wedding plate reminded my husband of were those times of innocence and being totally clueless. That may sound negative but it was completely the opposite. We were truly naive, clueless and broke but we were blissfully happy. Times were simple back then and we were madly in love (and still are).

The plate now sits on our counter as a friendly reminder to not get caught up muck of the day-to-day grind, enjoy each other and enjoy all the small simple things. That’s how marriage and life is meant to be. I guess sometimes ignorance can be bliss. Who knew that a simple wedding plate could change our entire perspective.

* My husband is the sweetest and I was incredibly blessed to have him as my husband then and still to this day almost 18 years later.


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