The Board that Made all the Difference

Trey Carrying Board In Trey Paddling into Wave Trey Surfing 2 - for posting Trey Surfing 3 Treys Rocky Air Punch
My son loves to surf. You know that someone really loves something when they continue to pursue it no matter how many times they fail. This kid did exactly that. He owned a short board and would go out and try and try and try with hardly ever catching a wave. Man, was he ever persistent. I’ll give him that credit. Don’t get me wrong, he got down and out and even threw a 2 year old fit a few times, but all in all, he never gave up.

I tried to tell him that surfing a short board on Florida waves would probably never give him the satisfaction he was looking for. Out of sheer heartbreak one day, I decided to bring him to the local surf shop to convince him to potentially get a long board. The sales rep was quick to tell me that it wasn’t a long board that he needed but a fun board. Honestly, I had never heard of this type of board before. It is basically a board that is the length between a short board and a long board with a pointed nose like a short board. Luckily, my friend Mike, the owner of Bird Surfboards (the company I race paddleboards for) had a used board that he allowed my son to take and try.

This past weekend, we went out to give it a test drive. He paddled out and caught the first wave and then pretty much caught every wave after that. He must have caught 20 waves in an hour. I have never seen a smile so big on his face. All the hard work he put into the short board truly paid off. He just simply was using the wrong board. He ran out of the water to me and my husband and said, “I love this board”. My husband then looked over at me and said, “we are buying that board”.

There’s nothing more fulfilling that seeing the hard work that your child has done come to fruition.


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