Date Night :: Old School Style

Walking Dead Because I know you are all tired of hearing about Hawaii and because I am so excited to have date nights again, I thought I’d do a date night post today.

Since the time has changed and we cannot do outdoor dates during the week, we have been struggling a bit to figure out what to do with our time. Somehow we ended up eating pizza and going to the mall. Then it hit me. As we are walking up to the mall, hand in hand, I busted out laughing. It’s like I was living out my past as a 17 year old. This exact date, down to the time we needed to be home, that we would do every Saturday night in high school. So we embraced it. Why not? We shopped, bought a ton of candy, laughed, acted super silly and, of course, took pictures with the life size Daryl from the Walking Dead in the music store. With extra money in hand and feeling like teenagers, we wanted to but the life size Daryl. Instead, we used our adult better judgement and refrained. Our kids would have definitely thought we’d gone off the deep end.

It was simple and silly but lots of fun.  Talk about déjà vu!


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