A Maui Beach Day

Maui Crew Relaxing Mountain ViewRelaxing in a Hammock in MauiPaddleboarding in MauiWarning - Sharks may be presentMaui Beach Day Setup ViewPapa in the Hammock in MauiPaddling Up in MauiMaui SunsetPaddling Up to Beach in MauiMaui Sunset
Our Maui beach day was relaxing at its finest. After spending 12 hours the previous day on the road to Hana, we figured a lazy day at the beach would be perfect.

In Hawaii, you can typically drive your car right on the beach and straight to the ocean. How amazing! This concept is so foreign to me, being from Florida.  In Florida we have off-site parking that you have to pay for and tons of rules as to where you can go, when you can go and what you can bring. We backed the jeep onto the beach, unloaded our stuff and spent nearly 6 hours relaxing. We went paddleboarding and found out quickly that this particular beach was solid reef. It was probably the most beautiful paddle I’d ever done. Apparently, this beach was also known for shark bites. Yikes! We didn’t even notice the sign until after we’d been there a while. Oh, well. We totally ignored it and went snorkeling anyway. The reef was way too pretty not to. Other than that, it was a lot of hammock time, naps, a picnic lunch and, of course, a couple of Mai Tai’s (Hawaiian Mai Tai’s are my new favorite).

The beach is relaxing and Hawaii is relaxing, but the two together, whew! I don’t know that I’ve ever been more relaxed than I was on this day. I was truly living aloha!


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