DIY :: Faux Antlers

Faux Antlers

After seeing antler display after antler display on my Pinterest feed, blog feed, Etsy, etc., I decided to make one of my own to decorate my house. Check out the steps below.

DIY Faux Antlers Supplies
Supplies: air dry modeling clay, wooden plaque, acrylic paint, duck tape, two tree branches, q-tips, paint brush.

Faux Antlers Step 1
Step 1: Go on a nature walk or step into your backyard and find two small tree branches that look similar to an antler shape or duck tape pieces together to achieve this look.

Faux Antlers Step 2
Step 2: Cover each branch with the air dry modeling clay and smooth out as best as you can.

Faux Antlers Step 3
Step 3: Using a q-tip add detail into the clay at the bottom of each branch while the clay is still wet.  The clay will need to set at least overnight but best to let it set for 24 hours.

Faux Antlers Step 4
Step 4: Paint or stain the plaque to whatever color you like.

Finished Faux Antlers DIY
Step 5: Screw antlers into plaque from the back then hang on the wall.


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