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Paddleboard Lineup 560 Paddling into Shore 560
{I’m the one in the black & white Kauai hat}

I absolutely love paddleboarding. I mean, it really is my favorite (solitary) thing to do. A couple of years ago, I got into racing, but racing with a surfboard style board is pointless. You simply can’t keep up. This past summer I ran into a local board company (Bird Surfboards) owner who was looking to get into the SUP racing market and asked if I would be interested in starting a racing team for him. Of course I immediately said YES!

Well, I’ve been practicing on a race board now for a few months but it’s mainly been on flat water. This board is streamlined and fast which is awesome, but the downside is that the rounded hull makes it very topsy turvy and difficult to manage especially in choppy water. An open water Quicksilver race came to my local area this past weekend. I was reluctant to sign up because I hadn’t had much open water practice, but I did it anyway. Well, I was right. The water was fairly flat but still somewhat choppy. Not to toot my own horn here, but I never fall off my board. Well, I fell off my board 5 times during this 5K ! I was furious with myself; furious to the point of tears. But, hearing my husbands voice toward the middle of the race cheering me on (I didn’t expect him to come) made all the difference. I pushed on and finished with a 33:51 time, landing me in 4th place. Not too bad for a girl that fell 5 times.

Now off to more open water practice…


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