What Real Motherhood Looks Like

Real Motherhood
We are inundated with social media and blogs showing us how awesome people’s lives are specifically in the area of motherhood.  Let’s be honest and fair to ourselves here; you’re only seeing the highlight reel of their lives.  You’re only seeing the best of the best from their lives.  Well I’m going to show you the opposite.  Here is a story of this past Friday morning; a story about what real motherhood looks like.

My daughter, a junior in high school, forgot all of her AP (advanced placement, i.e. college level class) work that she stayed up till 1 am working on.  She didn’t tell me this as I was driving her to school, No!  She figured this out when I was on my way home after dropping her off. I was quite ticked off and let her know so.  This little blip of forgetfulness was going to make me late for work.  I had to rush home, grab the school work and head back to the school.  Now, let’s note at this point I realize that I am in a pajama shirt that is partially tucked into jean shorts.  And not only that, the pj shirt is see through.  I typically will drive to school in some form of pj’s because I never expect to get out of the car.  Well, because school was close to starting, the roads were locked up in traffic. I thought I was going to be clever and park at Wal-Mart about 3/4 of a mile away and walk and meet her. I walked as quickly as I possibly could without jogging because I had no bra on.  Well, the bell rang when I was about a minute away so I completely missed her because she had to go so that she didn’t get a detention.  At this point my only option is to walk all the way around to the front of the school to drop the work off in the office for her to pick up before her class.  Again, remember that I am in my pajamas that are see-through with no bra on.  We live in south Florida so at this point I am now sweating pretty badly which is making my see through shirt even more see through because it is now getting wet.  I’m headed into the school office looking like I’ve been in a wet t-shirt contest with my hair up in a bun, glasses on and bad breath.  I drop the work then get to walk almost a mile back to my car.  About half way through I realize how incredibly late I am and in order to make up some time so that I’m not horribly late for work, I grab my boobs and run down the street to my car.  I have never felt more like trailer park trash in my entire life!  Well, it was Friday the 13th after all.


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