Our Love Story

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I’ve been told that our story is like a Lifetime movie. And the more I think about it, I guess it kind of is.

It was the first day of my junior year of high school.  I was new to the school.  I was new to public school in general.  I had spent the first 10 years in a private (Catholic) school.  I walked in that day not knowing a soul.  I was scared to death.

Backing up two weeks before the first day of school, I had to go up to the office to register.  While there I met the band director, Mr. Farnsworth, because I had decided to twirl the flag in the band instead of taking P.E.  I mean what prissy girl (like me at the time) would want to get all sweaty in the middle of the day; no thank you.  This decision had more far reaching effects than I could ever have imagined at the time.

Now back to the first day of school.  I’m sitting in the auditorium with all the other juniors.  All the freshman, sophomores and juniors are called to their home rooms.  Well everyone except for me.  This was a very small school and I was literally the only new person that year so I wasn’t called with my class.  So there I sat in the back on the auditorium; just me and all the seniors.   At this point, my now husband, Steve, glances back at me and does a double take.  He elbows all his friends, saying “that HAS to be the girl that Mr. Farnsworth was talking about.  Yep, apparently when you’re the only new girl word gets around, even through the teachers.

I finally get past the mortification of sitting alone and being completely passed over and get through the first day to 6th and last period which is band class.  By this point, everything is a blur.  I’ve met so many people that I’m just glazed over at this point.  Well, that is until the very handsome, 6’2” Steve comes over to my chair, holds out his hand and says, “hey, my name is Steve”.  I had a boyfriend at the time, but didn’t care.  I was completely mesmerized by Steve.  Wow, he was cute!

Band required a lot of after school practices and long bus rides to football games.   Steve began his pursuit.  He pursued me for three months.  We became best friends.  He says now that he knew I was his the day I started complaining to him about my boyfriend.  He was right.  One Friday night I told Steve that I was going to break up with my boyfriend and that I would call him as soon as I did.  I had barely hung up the phone when there was a knock at my front door.  I opened the door to see that same dreamy 6’2” blonde standing in front of me.  And what were the first words out of his mouth?  “Will you go out with me?”  Of course I said yes!

We fell in love with each other immediately.  I mean, we fell really hard, really fast.  I have the letters to prove it (no cell phones back then). Our lives revolved around each other.  We would take any chance we had to be together.  We even consolidated our lockers into one so we could have more time together between classes.  It was us against the world; that was our saying to each other.  Our relationship was all in.  It was passionate.  It was magical.  We were soul mates.  That junior year was one of the best years of my life.

Our relationship had gotten so serious that Steve proposed to me Christmas of my senior year.  But by March we had hit a big fork in the road.  He was headed off to a university 5 hours north and my dad had been transferred 1,000 miles away.  We either had to get married right away or separate for a while.  We both knew we were too young and needed some time to grow up a bit so we decided that he would go to college and I would move with my family.  I kept the engagement ring and he kept the wedding band with the understanding that one day they would come together again.

Our separation lasted two long years.  I dated other guys and he dated other girls but it was never the same.  We kept in touch by phone talking about once a month.  At the end of this one particular summer, he let me know that he would not be living in the dorms anymore and that he was moving into a house with three of his best friends.  He promised to call me with the new number as soon as he had it.  One month turned into three with no word whatsoever.  I was devastated.  I was heartbroken.  I mean, I thought he was the one.  I decided to try one last attempt and said to myself; maybe even out loud that if this was meant to be that he will call me.  I sent him a birthday card at the end of September to his parents address.  September went by with no call.  October came and went and so did November.   I finally got a call the last week of November.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was actually pretty mad at this point.  Come to find out, Steve had gotten the card and kept it but was trying to put me out of his mind in hopes to move on.   Apparently that didn’t work.

After that, our calls went from every week to everyday.  Then in January I decided to make a trip back home.  I remember seeing him for the first time in two years and being mesmerized all over again.  Wow, this guy really takes my breath away.  We spent the entire weekend together and by the end of it were officially a couple again.  We picked up right where we left off.  It was as if no time had passed.

We both had semesters to complete so we had a long distance relationship for 6 months.  I had decided to finish my semester and move back home with the intentions of getting married.  Of course, I didn’t tell my parents this, but I’m pretty sure they caught on.  As soon as I moved back, Steve proposed again with the same ring and of course I said yes.  I told my parents and the wedding plans began.

As the wedding planning progressed, the next step was to get a blood test for my marriage license.  After we got married, we planned to live near the college Steve was attending and I would enroll there also.  Unfortunately, they required me to get more shots and I was afraid of needles.  I decided to lie and say that I thought I was pregnant to get out of getting the shot.  Ha Ha, you can guess what happened next.  Yes, to my surprise, I was actually pregnant.  You can read the full surprise pregnancy story HERE.  In order to not be any more redneck that we already were, we decided to move up the wedding date a few months so that I wouldn’t be showing in my wedding dress.  We got married on Saturday, September 7, 1996.  And we lived happily ever after….

{No seriously, it just gets better and better every year!}

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