Date Night :: A Cloudy Picnic

We loved the Everglades spot from last week so much that we decided to go back and do it again.  We grabbed our Wendy’s, wine and lawn chairs and went west.  When we got to the exact location, there was another couple there walking around in our spot across the railing.  We noticed that they had setup a tripod and camera on the opposite side of the railing.  We nicely asked if we would be intruding on their photo session and they politely said no and that it would be fine for us to setup our chairs for the picnic.

We setup in our spot and proceeded to eat, talk, tell stories, laugh and take pictures.  Once our hour was up and it was time to go get the kids, we stood up to grab our chairs and noticed that the original couple was still there on the other side of the railing along with about 10 other people.  We thought we were alone!  As soon as we got up, the entire crew of “photographers” crossed the railing to stand in the exact spot we had been sitting in for an hour to take pictures.

Apparently, we were impeding on their photo shoot of the non-existent sunset.  You see, it was completely cloudy and actually raining off in the distance.  I knew that this spot was phenomenal for taking nature photos and had some of the best sunsets in the area, but apparently many others are aware the same thing.  Evidently, the clouds and rain does not ward off other nature photographers and does not ensure you’ll be alone.  Oops!  Oh well, we laughed and laughed and laughed for an hour.  We had a blast.

Take a look at some of my favorite pics from our date in the Everglades.

Nell What Up 560 Steve the Thinker 560 Sun Rays 560 Steve Cutie 560 Rain in the Distance 560 Nell Laughing 560Nell Laughing with Head Down 560 Steve What 560 Nell Smiling Big 560Steve Side View 560


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