One Month No Make-Up Challenge

I absolutely love going natural all weekend; not wearing any make-up. I would dread every Monday morning for many reasons, but one of those being that I would have to make myself up in order to go to work.  On a Monday morning about a month ago, I decided that I wouldn’t put on make-up to go to work.  After a few no make-up days, I wanted to challenge myself to go natural for a full month.   However, since my lips get chapped easily, I did allow myself to wear lipstick and/or chapstick.

Well, it’s been a complete and successful no make-up month and there is no turning back anytime soon.  I have been able to accept myself and really start to love the skin I’m in.  I find that I like myself more and am even finding myself to be beautiful at times.  This has been very difficult for me as I have vitiligo.

{Vitiligo (vit-uh-lie-go) causes the skin to lose color in patches. There is no cure for it and no explanation as to how fast or slow to spreads.}

No Makekup - Date NightNo Makeup - Arrow Shirt No Makeup - Pig Tail BraidsNo Makeup - What I wore No Makeup - Running No Makeup - Before ride


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