South Beach on a Motorcycle

With my mom in town last weekend, my husband and I found ourselves kid-free for about 24 hours. The kids being gone is always the perfect time to go motorcycle riding even though riding in South Florida can be a bit challenging at times. South Florida is the same as living in any city but it spans over three counties. So those of you who live in bigger cities understand the frustration of red light after red light after red light. The closer you get to South Beach in Miami the worse it gets. But we decided to load up and head down there because South Beach was hosting its first annual bike rally.

The ride there and back was perfect with no rain in sight, which never happens. This was very exciting for us. We toured around the area where the rally was held, had a couple of drinks, and ate some great tacos. After doing the rally scene we walked over to the beach. South Florida is scorching hot in the summer with near 100% humidity so I peeled off all my clothes and jumped in the ocean. Don’t worry, I had my swimsuit on beneath my clothes. After cooling off, we got cleaned up and walked down the long walkway (sand free) just taking in the sights. We headed back north for the hour long drive but had to stop on the way in Fort Lauderdale at a great local down home southern barbeque spot, Tom Jenkins. We’ve been wanting to try it for about a year now but it’s never worked out for us to stop but this trip home was perfect timing. And I have to say the food was amazing! After getting our bellies full, we headed home for a night alone. 😉

We both had a blast. I love going on trips, especially motorcycle trips with my husband just riding on the back and taking in the sights while holding onto the love of my life. Here are some pics from our trip…

Nell Head Shot 560 Over the Shoulder - Palms 560Nell Walking to the Beach 560 South Beach Walkway 560 Steve Sitting on the Grass 560 Steve Walking Down South Beach 560Steve Eating BBQ 560


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