DIY : Dreamcatcher Necklace

As you probably can tell, I am on a bit of a dreamcatcher kick lately. This is a great rainy day project and is super fun to wear. It is basically a smaller version of the DIY : Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging that I made a couple of weeks ago. Check out the step-by-step guide below.

DIY Dreamc

Supplies: Small metal ring (in leather craft section at Michael’s), leather or suede cord, thin gold crochet thread, bag of 1 to 2 inch feathers, nylon string and a hot glue gun.

DIY Dreamcatcher Necklace
Step 1: Hot glue the end of the leather or suede cord to the metal ring and wrap yarn tightly around the ring repeatedly until it is completely covered hot gluing the end as well.

Step 2: Start the web by tying a knot at the top of the hoop.  Follow the guide HERE in my previous post.

DIY Dreamcatcher Necklace
Step 3: Tie different lengths of nylon string to the ring at different lengths.

Step 4: Hot glue a feather to the end of each string and take a small piece of leather or suede cord and hot glue around the tip of the feather to give a finished look.

DIY Dreamcatcher NecklaceStep 5: Tie a piece of leather or suede cord at the length of your choosing to the dreamcatcher.  Tie a knot in the end and viola, you have a dreamcatcher necklace.

DIY Dreamcatcher


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