DIY : Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

I have always been drawn to the dreamcatcher and it seems like I see one everywhere I look these days so I decided to do a DIY.  The one below is the first of three that I will be making.  The plan is to make three different dreamcatchers for a wall display.  Below are steps I took to make the first one.

Dreamcatcher Step3
Dreamcatcher #1 complete. The suede cord has kinks because it was wrapped around a piece of cardboard but will straighten out in time.

Dreamcatcher supplies
Supplies: Large metal ring (in leather craft section at Michael’s),leather or suede cord, thin gold crochet thread, black yarn, bag of 3 to 5 inch feathers.

Dreamcatcher Step1
Step 1: Tie black yarn to the metal ring and wrap yarn tightly around the ring repeatedly until it is completely covered.

Dreamcatcher Step2-tutorial
Step 2: Start the web by tying a knot at the top of the hoop.  Follow the guide on the photo above to complete the web.  Once the web is complete, tie different lengths of leather or suede cord to the ring attaching a feather to the end of each.



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