Art Walk Adventure

We have lived in south Florida for over seven years now and surprisingly enough, we had never ventured to Miami. We have been through Miami many times to get to the keys but have never set out with the intention to target an area of Miami to spend the day. The hubs had to work the weekend so the kids and I decided to do a Miami adventure in the art district. Absolutely everything in the area was considered a canvas with very cool artwork everywhere you looked, a local and unique coffee shop, amazingly great food options and many super cute artsy shops. My husband is an artist and my daughter is also creative so we tend to be an artsy family so we thoroughly enjoyed the area and the day.

Here are a few pics from our art walk adventure.

Miami-D and Trey Airstream

Miami-D in Store

Miami-Fam in Wynwood

Miami-Nell in Wynwood

Miami-Trey in Wynwood

Miami-Walking in Art Dist

Miami-Wynwood Walls

Miami-Wynwood Art 5

Miami-Wynwood Art 4

Miami-Wynwood Art 3

Miami-Wynwood Art 2

Miami-Marilyn Art

Miami-Fancy coffee


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