Geeking out in the Cold

From south Florida to Hawaii to south Florida then to Minnesota….YIKES! What a shock the trip was for me. As you probably already know, I hate cold weather; hate with a capital H.A.T.E. I have lived 98% of my life in the south and the last 7 years in a tropical climate. That 2% was a somewhat brief hiatus spent in the northeast. The last winter that I lived there, we had 96 inches of snow. This literally caused me to save all my money for 6 months and move back to the south with no job prospect. All this to say, I went to a conference for my job that was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it was crazy cold.

For the fifth year in a row I have attended the non-profit technology conference. The world of technology is ever-changing and is even more difficult to manage in the non-profit world. Attending conferences such as these is crucial to keep up with and attempt to be proactive in my web and IT non-profit job. So, what did I learn about? It was all over the place; social media, technology planning, strategic reporting, web analytics, campaigns, online success, content strategy, data migration, org restructure, project management, smart data, online donor conversion,etc.; all good stuff.

I attended the conference with my great web team members Adora and Briana. Even though the weather was crazy cold, we tried our best to enjoy our time, even when we had to venture outside. Here are a few pics from the trip.

Nell in the SnowA and B in SnowBookstore OutsideReading in Used BookstoreNTEN PlenaryHell's Kitchen


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