Mud Run and a Trip to the ER

I have to admit, I just wasn’t as gung-ho about running this race as I usually am and neither was my husband.  Steve hadn’t been doing any cardio training and I had been sick the previous week.  But, a commitment is a commitment so we did it.  It was 9 miles and 20 obstacles and I have to say, my energy level was much less than 100%.  Man, did I notice it.

The race was over and we grabbed our medal, t-shirt and banana and headed over to take the “after” pictures.  Once Steve showered off and changed he came up to me and said, “I think we need to go to the hospital.”  This is a guy who hates doctors and has an enormous threshold for pain, so of course I was a bit panicked.  He has had an abdominal hernia for over a year now but his doctor said it was fine unless it ripped further and he had pain with it.  Well, this was that exact scenario.  He was doubled over in pain.  I went to the paramedic tent where they told him to keep a towel pushed against it to hopefully push it back in.  Apparently, if it stays out more than 4 hours, it can cause major damage.  The paramedics walked us over to the bus line, which was an easy hour wait and put us directly on the bus.  Thanks, Steve for saving us from waiting!  As we were riding to the car, his intestines finally push back in (yuk!) and he got some pain relief.

Of course everyone was riding with us so the four of us were along for this great adventure.  We got to the ER and were able to see the doctor right away.  He felt on his stomach and said that he definitely needs surgery but it can wait until we get home to schedule it.  So glad an emergency surgery was necessary!  It took us only five minutes to see the doctor but a good 45 minutes to get released.  Luckily, we had plenty entertainment by listening and watching a very irate foreign woman that the cops brought in.  By the time we were discharged, they were sedating her.  We definitely got a show in the meantime.  From there, the doctor put us on a mission to go to a medical supply store and get a hernia belt to keep his intestines pushed in (again, yuk!).

We drove directly to the medical supply store only to find that it was closed.  At this point it is almost 4:00.  We haven’t eaten since 7am and we ran for 2 1/2 hours burning at least 2,000 calories.  We are STARVING!  The next best option was the local CVS, but of course they didn’t carry them.  This caused us to improvise.  Long story short, Steve ended up with an ace bandage wrapped around a maxi pad.  Hey, it worked!  We went to a local Mexican restaurant and stuffed our face.

Steve did go to his regular doctor and got a referral to a surgeon.  He will be meeting with him soon to schedule hernia surgery.  This race was fun and definitely an adventure.

Here are some pics from the race and one shot from the ER that I captured from the very hesitant patient.  Also, thanks to Simon for strapping a Go Pro camera to his head for the entire race because now we have a video of our adventure.

Spartan Race Before SizedNell & Steve at Spartan Race SizedSpartan Nipples SizedSpartan Race After SizedSteve in ER Sized


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