Upcycled Skirt

I just recently upcycled a skirt from one of my husbands old flannel button up shirts. I love how it turned out. The scalloped bottom is such a cute feature. Here are the easy, simple steps.

  1. Lay the shirt flat smoothing to remove all wrinkles.
  2. Cut the shirt horizontally from one armpit to the other.
  3. Fold under where you cut to create the space for the elastic and iron to keep in place.
  4. Sew the piece you folded leaving at least a two inch opening to feed the elastic.
  5. Feed the elastic through and sew together. [I attach a safety pin on one end to help feed it through.]
  6. See two inch gap where you fed the elastic through.

DONE! Now you have a cute stylish skirt that is pretty much FREE!


4 thoughts on “Upcycled Skirt

    • Thanks! I actually saved the top piece and was trying to figure out the same thing. A hair tie is definitely a possibility, but I love the thought of a purse! I’m thinking you could turn the sleeves into a handle. Hmmmm, now my creative juices are flowing. Thanks for the idea and inspiration! When I make something with it, I will definitely post. πŸ™‚

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