Oh How I’ve Missed Thee


As I stated in a previous post, the craziness of a new the school schedule was upon me. Well, now I’m two months in and so far so good but the schedule is very right. This leaves little room for anything else. I used to go to the beach multiple times per week and go paddleboarding at least once per week but haven’t done either in over two months. I was jonesing hard. Today I finally went and it was definitely the missing link I’d been feeling. I got up early and went to the beach in order to get a parking spot. I did a short paddle at the beach but it was really choppy. Then I laid on the beach for a while totally losing track of time, thus getting a parking ticket. Oh, well. I left the beach with ticket in hand and headed north to meet my brother for an intercoastal paddle.

The beach and paddleboarding is my stress reliever; my happy place. It was five hours of pure amazing!


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