A Little Cup of Insanity and God

It has become a yearly tradition where we go the first weekend in September to see the biggest names in Christian rock take stage at either Disney or Universal.  Usually one has better bands than the other.  The first year the church took the entire youth, which means that I didn’t go.  The second year, it was just our family.  The third year, it was me chaperoning my daughter and a couple of her friends.  This year it morphed into me chaperoning 5 girls ages 15-17.  It was a whole lot of screaming, everyone talking at once, looking at boys, staying up all night and a dead truck battery at 2 am.  In the midst of this insanity was some really great singers, bands and performances all with an amazing message about living life for God.  I am totally exhausted and drained but it was worth it.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Here are some great pics from our weekend.

Toby Mac concert


Britt Nicole walking to Signing Session


Britt Nicole in Concert


Britt Nicole up close. True paparazzi shot!


Starting day 2 at IHOP at 1 pm


So cool in 3D glasses as they wait to ride


Rhett Walker Band – Now a new fave


Me and Rhett Walker after the concert


Skillet opening with a violin


These girls are always ready for the wave


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