The Keys – Kid-Free Trip #2

The trip down to the Florida Keys was quite enjoyable and less of an “adventure” than the last trip.  We left Saturday morning and rode down to Islamorada with no problems.  We ate a great little lunch before heading to Key West.

We stayed at a small bed and breakfast off Duval Street.  The lady at the front desk walked us to our room.  There was free happy hour where the staff and guests sit together and tell stories.  We also enjoyed relaxing by their small pool surrounded by tropical trees.  We absolutely loved it!

That particular weekend was Lobster Fest in Key West.  There were tons of grills in the middle of Duval Street grilling fresh lobster in the half shell.  Holy crap, it was the best lobster I’ve ever had.  It may have even the best seafood I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot since I’m a seafood fanatic.  We watched street performances where my husband was called from the crowd to participate because he looked like a “strong guy”.  We also watched the infamous Key West sunset even though it was cloudy and then toiled around from place to place afterwards.

We had a lazy Sunday morning eating breakfast by the pool then hopped back on the motorcycle and headed north.  Overall it was an amazing weekend.  I just simply love hanging out with my husband.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life and such an amazing marriage.

Here are some pics from the trip.


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