Going East to West

For a while now we’ve planned for my children to fly across the country to visit my parents for two weeks.   The airline considers a 15 year old to be an “adult” so the tickets were purchased with my daughter being the adult flying and my son being the accompanying child.  I convinced the airline attendant to allow me to walk them to the gate which apparently is not something they normally do since my daughter was flying as “adult”.  I was totally fine playing games and laughing with the kids while we waited for them to start boarding the plane.  I walked them to the gate and hugged them both goodbye.  They scanned their tickets and as they started walking down the tunnel to the plane, I turned into the crazy mom yelling goodbye over and over.  Neither one of them turned around.  It was at that moment that I realized how incredibly grown up they are, how independent they are, and how much they really don’t need me.  My next logical step was to sit at the window and wait for their plane to take off while crying profusely….obviously.

Now that they are gone, I still miss them dearly because they are my life but I am now focusing on spending some amazing one-on-one time with my wonderful husband.  First weekend will be spent in Marco Island and the second weekend will be spent in the Florida Keys.  Each of these excursions will be via the motorcycle, of course.  There will be more posts to come on our couple adventures.


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