The Attack of the Plates

I’m at work and my daughter is at home.  I’m in a meeting and she calls my cell.  I don’t answer the first call.  But, as every mom knows, if your child calls right away a second time, then you must answer.  I answer the phone, not with a “hello” but with a “I’m in a meeting”.  I immediately hear hysterical crying and screaming.  I could not understand a word my daughter was saying and I was getting more and more freaked out by the second.  As the seconds passed, a multitude of horrific incidents run through my head like, my son has gashed his leg and is bleeding out, he’s passed out and she can’t wake him up, etc., etc.  She finally tells me that she was putting a stack of plates away in the cabinet (doing her chores like a good girl) and they all came crashing on her and gashed her arm and blood was everywhere.  Needless to say I did panic racing home telling her to wrap something tightly around it to stop the bleeding.  I managed to get home in literally half the time it normally takes me.

This is what I envisioned….

This is what actually happened….
ImageGranted, it was a small but deep gash.  We did go to the urgent care center but was able to bandage it up with a butterfly bandaid.  And that, folks, was how we started our weekend.


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