50,000 Screaming Teenage Girls

Yes, I woman’d up and took a group of teenage girls to see One Direction in concert.  If you don’t know who One Direction is, I’ll give you a little summary.  One Direction is a preppy Irish-British boy band that consists of 5 boys ages 18-20.  They don’t play instruments, don’t dance and much of their music sounds like girls singing.  All that said, these boys literally just sit on a couch or stand still singing and girls scream their heads off.  I’m not talking about any type of normal screaming.  Imagine 50,000 teenage girls screaming at the top of their lungs all at once.  It reached a decibel level that I have never experienced before in my life.  Apparently, all these boys have to do is stand there “looking pretty” and get paid A LOT of money to do so.

Needless to say it is almost 24 hours later and I still have hearing loss and ringing in my hears.  I’m praying this is temporary and goes away really soon.

Waiting for the One Direction ConcertMe and my daughter waiting
for the concert to start

Waiting for the One Direction ConcertMy daughter and her friend
waiting for the concert to start

Inside enjoying the concert! 

Just a little idea of what 50K teenage girls screaming sounds like

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