Parents and more Parents

Mom is here visiting and dad is on the way today.  It’s always such a treat to have my parents in town.  They are so much fun to be with.  My mom is so great; she jumps right in and does laundry, runs my kids around, takes my kids to lunch and shopping, offers to do my chores, etc.  Most of all I enjoy hanging out and spending time talking and laughing with them.

This is the last time I will get to see my dad until Thanksgiving/Christmas time as he has a “season” at work which starts in July and he gets no time off (not even weekends) until November.  I took Monday off and plan to spend as much time with both of my parents as I can.

The shtick is that my in-laws are also coming in this weekend also and they do not like to share us with anyone and technically they had “first dibs” on us.  This means that my parents will leave to stay with my brother an hour north and from there I will begin a juggling act.  To top it off it’s Father’s Day weekend!  This should be quite interesting to say the least.   The tag line to my blog is “Life – making it all work (most of the time)”.  Not sure yet if this will fall into the “most of the time” category or not.   Time will tell.


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