A New Journey

Yesterday my husband was turned down for a job at 8am and then got another totally different one by 5pm.  A CEO contacted my husbands friend, he told the CEO about my husband, my husband had a phone interview that morning, went in for a physical interview that afternoon, then BOOM walked out with a job! The stars just simply aligned and everything fell into place.  When God closes one door, he opens another.  I’ve just never seen it done so fast!

For over 4 years, my husband has worked from home as a consultant. He’s had a ton of fun and lots of flexibility which was great for the kids. The kids are teenagers now and the economy has sucked away way too much of his income. So, back to an office he goes. No more working in his underwear…Wah, Wah.  I’m super proud of him for landing such an amazing, creative and progressive job at an ad agency. There is a lot to learn and tons of growth potential. He’s super smart and creative so I know he’ll rock their world! This embarks on another chapter of our lives. He starts Monday so here we go…


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