Hair Color Gone Awry

* this is a general pic as my daughter refused to have her picture taken.


I will preface this post with saying that my husband is a work from home/stay at home dad.

Yesterday while at work, I find out via a Facebook notification that my teenage daughter and two friends have walked to Wal-Mart to get hair dye and are in the process of dyeing each others hair. My daughter and one of the friends chose to use a dye that included a bleach process first. I come home to two girls with what I would call “zebra hair”.  NEVER allow 15 year olds to dye each others hair.

This fiasco was was followed by one in tears, another in trouble with her mom and a very regretful dad. There is a reason that moms typically stay at home and not dads.

Lessons learned:

  • Dad – don’t allow girls to do extreme things to their hair, body, etc. without mom there.
  • Daughter – don’t ever dye my hair at home unless my mom does it.
  • Me – school just let out. This is going to be a loooong summer.

4 thoughts on “Hair Color Gone Awry

  1. Its actually kind of cute in the picture. I have a friend who would LOVE to have that hair, it is currently pink and orange though.

  2. When I was 15, I decided to use Sun In and turned my hair a nice shade of Bozo the Clown orange. It was hard trying to find a Homecoming dance dress that didn’t clash with my hair. 😉

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